I am getting ready to write my mission plan for my career, this way I can know what I want to accomplish more in depth to further His kingdom!! Wish me luck🙂

Hailey xoxo

First concert for Serenity

Hey guys,

This is a video of me and my band playing our first concert together. It was an awesome experience to see how God has worked and is still working in the lives of so many teens. Let me know what you think about the song. We hope to play a show near you next🙂

My day today

Today is going to be a productive day. I am working on my show for the 18th, I am going to do schoolwork, I am going to talk to a college about dong some classes online so I can get my bachelors degree online in 3 years instead of 4, and then I am going to babysit. 

What are you guys doing with your day? 

Whatever you are doing have a great day!!!!