16 <3

Hey guys,

I turned 16 last weekend so I decided to write about it. People ask me how it feels to be 16 and I just tell them it feels the same as being 15. But as I look back on the past 13 years of my singing career from the beginning when I was three till now a lot of things have changed. Since I was three years old I have wanted to be a singer. But one day when I was about 7 years old my mom gave me a CD with the music from “Phantom of the Opera”on it. Thats when I decided that I wanted to be on Broadway. Then when I was 14 I won a national singing competition and got to go to NYC and sing at Macys (8th floor china department🙂 ). That was one of the coolest experiences of my life, and I will always remember it. I was picked as one of the top two finalists. The prize for the top two finalists was a 1,000 dollar gift card to Macys and tickets to the Tony Awards. The night of the Tony Awards was very exciting because I got to walk down the red carpet with the papz taking pictures and I gave a couple interviews, they would also announce the winner. I didn’t win but it was ok because that experience really opened my eyes up to the world that I wanted to go into. I also sat right in front of Paula Abdul lol🙂 That night changed my life forever. I used to tell everyone that I would never do Christian music, no way no how, but after that night I started to reconsider. I decided to start looking at Christian record labels. I had been spending my summer at ‘The Fine Arts Academy (FASA) hosted by the Annie Moses Band in Nashville, TN. I had taken a songwriting course there. I wrote my first song called ‘Something Beautiful’ at 14 and it won second place in the songwriting competition at FASA. I got an email from a guy named Andrew Patton at inPop records when I was still 14. My mom had sent him an email with one of my YouTube videos attached to it a few months before. He wanted to meet and talk with me, so I went to Nashville. Ever since then it has been a domino effect. Then this past January I got to go to a songwriters weekend in Nashville at inPop with Andrew. Thats where I recorded ‘True Love’. Then in March I emailed the song to UCB Media in the UK. I got an immediate response back from them, and they played it that weekend on the show. From that I have gotten so many fans who are so supportive of me and my music. I played a youth group this past Sunday and it was so amazing to see people’s responses to my song and it’s message. Today I found out that some time this week my song will be played in the Philippines.

So when you ask me if I feel different I will say I don’t but looking back on my life I do feel different.